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At Heating, Hotwater & More! we offer the most reliable and efficient solutions for your hot water needs. We service, repair and install Hot water heaters and cylinders of all types.

Unvented Hot Water

The UK has seen the popularity of high efficiency unvented hot water systems grow in recent years. But what exactly is an unvented hot water system?

Unvented hot water systems have a high efficiency pressurised cylinder which is fed directly from the cold water mains supply. (Unvented cylinders require high flow rates from the cold water mains supply)  We will test your flow rate and advise you accordingly to ensure your system will function correctly.

Unvented hot water systems exceed the Energy Efficiency Partnerships 'Best Practice' for recovery times and insulation levels. This means the system heats up quicker and is more efficient at retaining the water temperature.

There are other benefits too, An unvented hot water system does not require water tanks in the loft, so the existing tanks can be disposed of giving you more space in the loft. This makes an unvented hot water system more hygienic and space saving.

The unvented hot water system can also be placed anywhere in the property. It does not need to be located upstairs or in an airing cupboard as a gravity fed system, so could be installed somewhere less central, such as the garage or utility room.

If you are interested in converting to an unvented hot water system please contact us we will conduct a free no obligation site survey to assess the size of your property the occupants and there lifestyle, location options, mains water pressure and flow rate. Our assessment will enable us to size your unvented cylinder correctly and recommend the best option suited to your needs.

Thermal store

The most exciting product development in the field of mains pressure hot water for years.

Thermal stores (otherwise known as Heat Stores) are fast becoming the preferred option in the field of mains pressure hot water to the complications and hazards of an unvented hot water cylinder.Building Regulations in the United Kingdom state: (any vessel storing more than 15 litres of hot water under pressure is subject to section G3). This means virtually all unvented cylinders, but not so for a thermal store.

Because the bulk of water in the thermal store is vented to atmosphere it presents no danger from explosion and is therefore exempt of regulation.The water in the cylinder is used solely to store energy in the form of heat, nothing else. The clever part is what the cylinder does with it energy.

It produces mains pressure hot water by immersing a high efficiency heat exchanger in the hot water inside the cylinder. The mains pressure cold water passes through the heat exchanger and rapidly becomes hot water delivering up to 25 litres per minute.

Please contact us and we will conduct a free no obligation site survey to assess the size of your property, occupants, lifestyle and location options.

Multi-fuel systems

New generations of thermal stores now facilitate an interface between multiple heat inputs, storing energy from different heat sources, providing mains pressure hot water and contributing to a household heating system. Thermal Stores provide increased system efficiency, reducing running costs

A thermal store is the simple, safe way to provide mains pressure hot water to your taps. Suitable for numerous heat sources including Gas and Oil boilers, Wood burning stoves, heat recovery systems, and AGA's.