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Under floor Heating

Under floor Heating only requires low temperature warm water and is ideal for use with modern condensing boilers and Air source heat pumps. With great comfort levels and low running costs. There are many benefits of using under floor heating.

Under floor heating has continuous looped pipe work laid under the floor. Heated water is circulated through these pipes to heat your property.This pipe work is connected to brass manifolds and can be divided into seperate zones. These zones are usually dictated by rooms within the property. Each zone, or room, can be controlled individually so the heating in each room can be a different temperature or even turned off in rooms that are not in use.

Energy efficient?

  • Warm water under floor heating requires lower temperatures than conventional radiators (typically 40-50°C rather than 60°C plus) and uses less fuel. Therefore it is more energy efficient, more economical and better for the environment.
  • Under floor heating emits radiant heat, unlike radiators where there can be pockets of heat. This makes under floor heating more efficient at heating an area and as a result the thermostat temperature can be reduced by a couple of degrees.
  • Under floor heating can easily be divided into zones and these can be controlled so energy can be saved in rooms where it is not needed.
  • Under floor heating is virtually maintenance free, which reduces costs even further


  • The obvious advantage to under floor heating is the feeling of warmth and comfort underfoot and the removal of the ‘chill’ from hard flooring such as tiles or wood.
  • The elimination of unsightly radiators which collect dust and dictate the layout of your room.
  • The heat emitted by under floor heating is mostly radiant heat which is considered a more comfortable heat.
  • Under floor heating is compatible with virtually all types of floor finish including carpets, tiles and wooden floors.
  • Under floor heating can be easily combined with towel rails or radiators if needed.